Cycling Route
Welcome to Reņķa garden of Ventspils!
Cycling Route
Cycling route starts in the Adventure Park.
Cycling Route
The route starts and ends in Ventspils City.
Cycling Route
You can enjoy the magic of the sea by Ventspils City
Cycling Route
Welcome to Ventspils!
Bicycle facilities in Ventspils
Ventspils now has ~45 km of bicycle paths.
Bicycle Routes in Liepāja district
In Liepāja region there are a lot of beautiful landscapes, interesting and unique nature objects and objects of the cultural history.
Cycling Routes in Liepāja
Currently only a few parts of bicycle paths are built in Liepāja city and Liepāja region and they are not yet interconnected.
Cycling Routes Tukums and Vicinity
Travel by Bicycle in Area of Tukums! When travelling with an environmentally friendly vehicle – the bicycle – the traveller is not only closer to the environment, but also helps preserving the nature’s valuables .
Bicycle route Liv villages
In the Slītere National Park, except for restricted areas, you may walk freely through it to look for plants, animals and landscapes, to pick mushrooms and berries, to go swimming etc.
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